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PAINA IR KO, UAB is implementing the project “Modernisation of the production processes of the company by introducing technological eco-innovations”. The project is dedicated to the introduction of new technological eco-innovations, the implementation of which would reduce the negative impact on the environment and conserve natural resources. During the implementation of the project, the company’s production equipment will be updated, production processes and products will be improved, which will condition the reduction of the amount of waste generated in production, saving natural resources, will help decrease environmental pollution, and will increase the company’s competitiveness.

The financing and administration agreement with the Public Enterprise Lithuanian Business Support Agency was signed under the implementing measure No 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837 “Eco-innovation LT+” of Priority 3 “Promoting the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises” of the 2014-2020 Operational Programme for Investments of the European Union Funds.

Project funding: EUR 238,516 from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project implementation period: From 25 September 2017 to 26 August 2019.

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