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UAB PAINA IR KO is a modern company that has been firmly maintaining its position in the production of curved and glued plywood products for more than 10 years. Our products are designed for office, classroom, cinema, lounge, school furniture and custom furniture manufacturers. The production of PAINA IR KO UAB is not only an innovative technology based on experience, but also an Italian sense of style and elegance reflected in our products. We are a leading design company in the field of accessories, lighting, furniture, and this is our role in creating a more sustainable and stylish world.

The Code of Conduct defines minimum standards. We ask suppliers to respect and adhere to the prescribed standards when conducting business with our company. Company suppliers and subcontractors play an important role in our supply chain, reflecting our high quality brand image. The Code of Conduct is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the core conventions and ILO conventions must comply with the legal requirements and rules of all parties involved.

Business ethics

Our goal is to build constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, suppliers, and clients. Therefore, we communicate in a constructive manner, respecting business ethics but keeping in mind our strategic goals. We base our business decisions and actions on the principles of transparency and openness, so decisions cannot be made for personal purposes. Business ethics also require that bribes be prohibited, so all forms of compensation from suppliers and sub-contractors must be limited to justifiable products or services. Gifts and other norms as elements of welcome hospitality must not exceed local custom and comply with local laws.

Intellectual property

We hope that suppliers take the necessary steps to protect and maintain business partners confidential and proprietary information. In the case of subcontracting, the sharing of confidential information should be with the consent of the company.

Work ethics

Our company emphasizes the importance of recruiting, developing and retaining talented and professional staff. We strive to create and continually improve a safe and healthy work environment, create equal opportunities to become members of our team, develop as professionals, and achieve good results. Suppliers and contractors are expected to respect employees and their rights, offer safe and good working conditions, non-discriminatory conditions and continuously develop skills and competences.

The purpose of this work ethic is that all employees should be treated equally and respectfully regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, disability, caste, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

Young people in the labor market

ILO Convention No. 138 on the minimum age states that no child under the age of 15 (or 14 in some developing countries) may work, subject to exceptions laid down by the ILO or national law. Where a supplier employs young workers, he must demonstrate that the employment of young people does not expose them to unacceptable physical risks that could impair their physical, mental or emotional development. We respect the right of all employees to form and join their own unions and to bargain collectively. Officials of such a trade union will not be discriminated against, and that such representatives will have access to union members and their workplace.

Salaries, allowances and holidays

We comply with labor law. We choose our employees according to their competence, professionalism and values. We train each employee to perform their duties and tasks and create opportunities for improvement. Employees must be paid at least the minimum wage laid down by the relevant national laws, plus any mandatory benefits and allowances. All employees are entitled to equal pay for equal work and periodic paid leave.

Environmental health and safety

We recognize our responsibility for the protection of human health, the environment and natural resources. We conduct our day-to-day operations in compliance with environmental laws, regulations and permits. We expect the same from suppliers to optimize their natural resource consumption, to implement measures to prevent pollution and to minimize the generation of solid waste, wastewater and air pollutants.

Monitoring compliance with the code of conduct

Compliance with this code must first and foremost be based on trust, but if a supplier or subcontractor departs from the requirements of this code, appropriate corrective and preventive action must be taken.

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